Please introduce yourself. What have you been up to?
My name is Sonia Piyaphan Boonphen and I’m the co-founder of Rich cast of characters. The other co-founder is K. Bandit Rassameeroj. 


What was the starting point of Rich cast of characters?
It started from the fact that K.Bandit was a menswear designer and he had a particular liking in shoes. He wanted to find shoes to wear while playing music so he started making shoes.

I was in the branding business and I wanted to start my own business. I was in the fashion industry, so whenever I saw a product that I liked, it gave me passion. That was the starting point.



 What is the character of Rich cast of characters?

The brand character comes from both of us. It is luxurious without trying too hard;
that is the concept of the brand. The materials used are handmade. It has a sense of perfection but also has the “off” factor.

We can see that the brand has a very distinct style, what’s your inspiration to work?
It really is natural. I find it very fun to work on branding because it truly is who we both are. Our shoes are unisex; masculine men have them, chic women have them as well. Therefore, the shoes really represent our styles, it’s a great combination.


Do you expect a certain feedback from people who are interested in the brand?
Our strength is that our brand is very distinct; therefore, interested customers are people who really fit the image. These include musicians, photographers, and artists. Our shoes are quite rich on their own and we have a great variety of shoes. If the product fits, it works on its own.


What kind of woman fits the character of Rich cast of characters?
Women who fit the character of Rich cast of characters are women who know what they want. They’re spontaneous. They’re active. They dress according to inspirations. They believe that fashion has no limit and enjoy dressing up.


Do you think clothes and shoes reflect the wearer’s personality?
Definitely. Clothes and shoes are the second skin. It’s a language that helps you communicate what you like at the moment. If I’m into the 70s, I’ll dress like the 70s.


Do you have an idol who inspires you?
“Anjelica Huston.” I love her. She was a model and an actress back in the days. She dressed in a very cool way. I like people who dress like themselves – beautiful and cool.



What is the future direction of Rich cast of characters?
Actually we have to be ourselves as much as possible. We want to attract people who have their own style and thoughts from all over the world. But we don’t find it necessary to go international.

I dislike this word “going international,” I think Thais have the abilities, why do we need to go international to prove ourselves?


Can you talk a bit about the shoes you’re wearing today?
This pair of shoes is called Joanne. We have another pair of shoes called Newman. These two are paired together and inspired by the story about two people, Newman and Joanne.

They were a couple. Newman rode on motorcycles and Joanne gave him a Rolex with an engraved message “drive carefully.” This pair of shoes has a 70s flair to it for cool women.


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