Throughout 2020, we’ve been articulating the history of art
by redefining it to express and compare the opinions of women from different eras. 


The last collection of the year, IRADAA WEAR FALL WINTER 2020, still emphasizes and tells the stories, thoughts, and images of women. Expressing their confidence in individuality and the dare to differ through influential women in the art industry.


One such woman whose artworks in the Surrealism era portrayed the exact concept was Frieda Kahlo. She was an artist who delivered peculiar artworks during her era. They were odd in both material and inspiration. Her confidence to do as pleased and her bravery to stand out among artists defined her individuality greatly. Being a woman did not get in her way.


We were inspired to design cutting structures that are rigid and flowy at the same time, like women who are gentle and strong. Tying and binding techniques were swayed by the identity of the artist and her complex artworks. Intricate details in the cutting of collars and patterns are unique and new. These specifics were combined with several textures: wrinkled, leather, satin, velvet, and even printed textures. To create different thicknesses, we opted for bright colors inspired by Mexican culture to mix and match different pieces to perfection in IRADAA WEAR style.

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