Firstly, tell us about your studio.

BYSI studio is essentially an office and a playground all in one, and not just for me but for other creative individuals of multidisciplinary backgrounds as well.

We are on a rooftop with an open space with garden areas where I host workshops and events. I wanted to create a hub for artists and build a community of all sorts, share ideas and experiences, cultivate creativity and connect people.


Could you briefly outline your artistic background, and how this bought you to painting –
what has been your creative journey so far?

I have a background in interior design and I make art from time to time over the years.

However I’ve been painting vigorously since the pandemic start. I guess I turned to art as a coping mechanism to stay sane and intune with myself. It gave me a chance to look within, be mindful and resolve a lot of internal issues.

My work is usually colourful and sometimes described as ‘Happy tones’, this could be the result of me cheering myself up in a way.








What is the process of actually making one of your artworks?

I dabbled with different mediums but my approach for the current painting series ( 2021 ) is intuitive and expressive. There is no planning, no expectations, just what style of lines feels right and tones 
I gravitated towards at that moment in time.


How did you find your style ?

I don’t think I’m fixed on a style but how I derived my current aesthetic is from experimenting with lines through intuitive drawing and doing it over and over again, putting in a lot of hours.


what is your favourite thing about being an artist ?

Being an artist is like having a ‘free pass’ card. It encourages me to be curious, I get to explore and experiment with bizarre ideas, meet interesting people and do crazy things. It’s out of the ordinary and never boring.









What does art-making mean to you, and what do you hope to communicate ?

Art making to me is very personal, a personal relationship between the artist and the work. 

However, in a grandier scheme of things I think art is another medium to introduce new ideology
or belief, it should be able to convey or generate some kind of positive change.















 Finally, tell us about the collaboration with IRADAA WEAR ?


Fashion is a form of art and to be able to see my work move and flow with the human body is satisfyingly beautiful, especially when executed by a quality brand like IRADAA.


I’ve been a fan of the designer for years and I trust their aesthetics. IRADAA’s ‘Psychedelic underwater world’ collection had a different tone to my current work but it was fun to explore different subjects and colour schemes together.









You can follow Pun on Instagram “Punbaisri” , and see more of her wonderful work on Instagram “” .


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