Please tell us about yourself.

I am now currently working on film sets. I am an intern, so I gave myself the position of mini-producer. I look at the overall picture of the sets to see if there is anything wrong and I oversee the little things.



Did you study filmmaking ?

No. I graduated with a major in photography, fine art photography focusing on taking still photographs that convey thoughts and views. The photos do not need to be beautiful but they have to portray an inner feeling, they have to convey your message by just clicking the shutter.



What is your photography style ?

I do not have a distinct style. I do not t have a fixed idea of what I like to take photos of. I can take black and white photos, colored photos, portraits, and landscapes.

I use my own feeling to determine its beauty. I click the shutter and I do not have any reference or idol. I see works of other photographers and I get to talk to them, and I adapt them to my own views. I look at how they convey their messages and adapt to my style. I do not want to follow anyone or imitate the works of anyone because my work has to be mine. My work is a collection of inspirations that create my own style.




Does that mean that you have no specific style
but rely of your mood and feel ?

Yes. I do not have a specific style but I think about the mood that I want.
People might not understand it but I do. I have to love my photographs
because if I do not, others will never understand them.

Between being a producer and a photographer, which role do you prefer and how are they different ?

I like both roles. I started enjoying photography, learning about photography but I grew up on film sets. They are very different fields. I like to try new things and I like all fields. Whether it’s modeling, taking photography, working on sets, or working behind the scenes, every role has its own charm. I like to try them all and it might support your other roles as well.

For example, I graduated with a major in photography, I can use that knowledge on film sets. The point of view from still photography that is applied on sets results in a different feeling, which could be something different that has never been tried before. I applied my acquired knowledge on film sets. I worked as an intern at GoPro and there were so many things I’ve never known before. I adapted the knowledge to filmmaking, lighting, and mood. Everything is related and everything has its own charm.

Do you have any methods
dealing with creative block?

I do not. Nothing is fixed. I think everything has a way out. If you can’t do it this way, you can always do it some other way. Try asking your client, try asking yourself if you’re satisfied. If it’s fine, then do it, if it’s not, you’ll find another way.

Besides photography, do you have any other interests ?

I like everything. I can try everything. I do not have a specific field that I’m interested in. I can try anything new in my life. I was given the opportunity to model and I took it. It’s a new experience that I need to dive in. I was also offered to work backstage for a magazine team. I got to see how they work. Everything is an opportunity that you can take advantage of.


When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in photography ?

I’ve always liked art. When I quit school in Thailand to study abroad, I was able to choose my own subjects. I did not choose any math subjects, I only chose art, drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography classes. I felt like photography was the most charismatic. It’s something that conveys your point of view. You feel the most excitement when you’re in the darkroom wondering how your photographs will turn out.

Tell us about your style.

I do not have a specific style. I like comfortable and relaxed clothes. For professional events, I wear more formal clothes but it would still be me.


How do you define yourself ?

I do not. I get to know myself from others who tell me my style changes every year. It changes all the time. I do not always have an artistic or a pretty or a sweet style.

How do you feel collaborating with IRADA today ?

I’m very excited to get to model for IRADA. Because I’ve been looking at IRADA’s Instagram page, I really like the feel of the photography, so I wanted to model for IRADA. I’ve been to other photoshoots, they’re all the same. I really like that IRADA allows me to move freely. In some occasions, they want a fixed angle, they want a fixed position, so the photos all look the same. I feel like it’s too forced, so I’m very happy with today’s photoshoot.


What is your favorite look?

I like the blazer because I usually wear suits. I feel confident when I wear suits. The second look that I like is the cropped top and trousers. At first, I thought it might look too feminine for me because I have a masculine body type. But when I tried it on, it gave a completely different feeling to it.


What is your view on life?

My dad once taught me to live life without burdening other people. Whatever you do, do not burden people because we live in a society. We cannot center everything around ourselves, we have to look around because they are the ones who are living with you.

How do you see your future?
My family wants me to continue this business, which is the filmmaking business. I have and I’m happy about it. I’m happy to work, eventhough it’s very tiring, I’m happy because it keeps me active all the time. I get to meet new people and new obstacles everyday. I like trying new things.

Working on film sets is very fun and highly entertaining. I haven’t pictured where I would end up career-wise because I like trying new things. I might end up working as a photographer. I would never know. I would be happy working on anything that suits me.

If you had the chance to become a full-time producer,
have you ever thought about the type of ‘lakorn’ you want to make?
I do not have a fixed type because I haven’t made one. But I had the chance to go study and make my own film. I like horror and thriller movies, but I’m scared. But I do not have a specific type because I would never know what my target is, what story the channel offers or what story that I’m interested in.


For example, my dad has always like action films, but after working on periodic films, he found them very charismatic. Now my dad specializes in periodic films. I feel like periodic films have something that our generation did not witness, I find them beautiful. Foreign films are great too. They have a different beauty and a different culture back in the days.


We have to find out how it came to be. But if I really had to choose,
I couldn’t because it depends on the opportunities.

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