FIRSTLY, Tell us about your studio.

This studio was built by my grandfather because he wanted me to have more space to work. I have to thank him for always supporting and establishing my dream studio. At first, this studio was a garage and a storage space that wasn’t used. I thought that it could be turned into a painting studio. Because of this studio’s natural lighting and great view, most of my paintings are imagined and done in this studio. It has become part of my life.


Could you briefly outline your artistic background, and how this brought you to painting – what has been your creative journey so far ?

I have a degree in Fine Arts from Silapakorn University, majoring in printing. After graduating, I did illustrations and drawings for a few years, but I realized that it was not me. When the pandemic started and we had to stay home and couldn’t travel or go out, I started painting once again. I spent time with myself and realized that this is who I am. It’s a happiness that allows me to travel to different places in my head when I paint. I dream about traveling to natural attractions. Most of my work comes from my imagination of going to these places.


What is the process of actually making one of your artworks ?

Most of my paintings come from what I feel on the inside and what I feel at the moment. I usually don’t sketch before I start painting. I let my emotions take me there through the brushes and colors I use. Because I majored in printing, I enjoy trying new colors and materials to see different results. It makes me excited about my work.





How did you find your style ?

Most of my paintings are the results of me trying new styles. 

I’ve discovered that I like paintings with a lot of textures. It’s fun to try new textures.




What is your favourite thing about being an artist ?

Being able to paint allows me to be free in terms of emotions and ideas. 

I get to express my internal feelings and imagine about travelling places. It also makes me a more calm and collected person.

What does art-making mean to you, and what 

do you hope to communicate ?


Making art is a happiness for me. I get to express my internal feelings.
I want the audience to get good energy from my artworks and be happy looking at them.











Finally, tell us about the collaboration with IRADAA WEAR ?


First of all, I would like to thank IRADAA for thinking about my work and allowing me to be part of this project. I get to try new things and I feel so happy and fun working because this is the first time my paintings get to be on clothes. The art that as once on a canvas was turned into clothes that people actually wear. It makes art come to life. 

Regarding this project with IRADAA, I feel like IRADAA’s concept of the deep ocean wasn’t too far from me. I get to use my imagination and travel to a place far away, to the ocean, and to a nature that is beautiful, fun, and comfortable because it’s a world that we’ve created.






“Bua Bhirombhakdi”

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